A Brief History

Formed in 1990 the YWBC is now approaching 17 years since its launch, the club was created as a result of the then garage manager John Cave and the engineer Manager Dave Parsons asking for volunteers to take an old preserved Daimler Fleetline (fleet NO. 4041) bus to the Sandwell Rally.

Today there are currently 25 members in the YWBC.

The aim of the YWBC is to show off a Travel West Midlands bus at bus shows and rallies, and during the 16 years we have had a number of vehicles as our “show bus”, the first one being:

Fleet No. 4041 Daimler Fleetline, this bus is now owned and based at The Aston Manor Transport Museum.

Fleet No. 1830 Leyland National DP, this bus was capable of doing 70mph plus, this vehicle was sold to a Scottish bus company.

Fleet No. 1818 Leyland National, this bus was bought back from Tame Valley who had previously bought it second hand, it was completely refitted and overhauled and unfortunatley it only spent a short time a Yardley Wood Garage.

Fleet No. 1260 Leyland Lynx DP, this vehicle was the one most used by our Club untill it was taken from Yardley Wood and sent to Lea Hall garage for the new 993/994 Chelmsley Wood services.It was then converted to a Driver Training Vehicle.

Fleet No.1294 Leyland Lynx, this vehicle has now since been de-licensed.

Fleet No. 2856 MCW Metrobus, this bus was in the BCT Heritage LIvery and was used by the club for a number of years, it was finally sold to a company in the South East of England.

Fleet No. 1363 Volvo B10BLE Single Deck, this bus is still at Yardley Wood but we do not use it as a “show bus” now.

Fleet No. 4354 Dennis Trident Alexander ALX400, this is the behicle we now use to travel to the shows and rallies.

Fleet No. 7225 or as it is still known 3225 (MOF 225) a 1954 Daimler which we still use for local shows.

Other vehicles used occasionaly were, 1084, 1420, 1787, 3019, 4142 (during 2001), 4223, 4355, 4714, 4533 & 4534

In 1993 we took a Scania bus (3247) from Birmingham Central Garage to a show in the Czech Republic, this was followed by other trips to the Czech Republic in 1995, and in 1999 we took over an Optare (4001). on all three journeys we did not encounter any problems with either of the bus’s.

Over the years we have won quite a few Trophies at the shows the latest being in August last year where we were judged to have the best “in service” bus on display.

The club obtained their own bus in 2001 an ex BCT single deck Daimler Fleetline Reg No. BON 472C, Fleet No. 3472 which was first registered in 1965.

 After a nine year restoration, Bus 3472 is now fully restored and on the road….. (2010)

Bus 3472 is on show at the Wythall Transport Museum

(see “Links Page” for Museum Web Site)

Finally I would like to thank all Management and Engineers at Yardley Wood Garage as without their help and assistance the club would not have survived.

Peter Turland

Secretary & Treasurer.